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Power, Line play, Offensive scheme, Defensive Tenacity and Collective Strength Of Will are elements of victory.

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Former ringside reporter for The Bible of Boxing, The Ring Magazine, covering World Title Fights, lower weight classes. Thirteen surgeries attest to an youthful athletic career that includes football, baseball, amateur wrestling, rugby, amateur boxing, and four years of major college lacrosse. Sports Philosophy: the ebb abd flow of each game is an island unto itself. How players and coaches adapt is critical.

I believe strongly, from my own experience, that sports builds character by overcoming obstacles, teaches wisdom in the decision-making process, and displays the fact that hard work does indeed pay off. The object of sport is entertainment. The entertainment of sports, is drama. The essence of drama is conflict.


baseball, football, parenthood

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playwright, Professional writer, screenwriter

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Tom Deedy
Friday 2nd May 2008, 7:21am
Broken ankle parade. Kiwanuka, Ward, and Shockey. Who recovers and plays well? Does Kiwi move back to the DE position. In other words, does Strahan retire? I say no, he goes for the repeat.
Tom Deedy
Friday 2nd May 2008, 7:19am
Defense win games. Who starts at WLB? Danny Clark or Gerris Wilkinson? Both draft picks, B. Kehl, and J. Goff have the tackling ability, though Goff is more of an inside guy. Who starts at WLB?
Tom Deedy
Friday 2nd May 2008, 7:16am
Manningham or Moss? Terrell Thomas's injury history. Can Corey Webster repeat the playoff magic and sustain it for a full year? Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer's age, wear and tear. Undersized MLB Pierce. Defending the center of the field. Inexperience at safety except for Butler who is slow footed and Sammy Knight who is really a linebacker playing back there -- without great coverage ability. These are the flashpoints I see. Anyone see others that are obstacles to a repeat? Coughlin reverts to the old Captain Ahab mentality is another one...

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First Games Represents Early Trap posted on 06/18/2008
Why?  These teams are not the toughest stretch on the schedule by any means, but they will be relatively healthy this early in the season and that is always trouble.  
First, The Washington Redskins.  New coach, new system, new receivers, veteran offensive line, Clinton Portis if he's healthy, Santana Moss in the West Coast Zorn version, dink and dunk, run after catch, hit Cooley underneath.  Defensive line is questionable. Linebackers are okay.  Defensive backfield is better at S than at CB. This seems like a ball control kill the clok kind of game for the Giants -- run the football, keep their offense off the field, and take our shots downfield taking advantage of Burress' height v. smaller CBs. Potential hazards: The QB, Campbell gets hot.  This offense just might fit his skill level perfectly and the coach is smart enough to tailor the offense to the players' best skills. Giants should use the offense to keep them off the field and use our versatile attack to control the clock and, on defense, get after the QB, don't let him set his feet.  Also, hit Portis early and often. Don't be surprised if Kenny Phillips starts right away. Also, expect the young linebackers to play smart/fast football, using the versatile Kiwanuka in various disguised blitzes. I predict now one corner blitz that rattles the bones of Jason Campbell and results in a defensive touchdown for us.  You heard it first here.  Giants 31 - Redskins - 13

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Mini-Camp Punt Returners posted on 06/16/2008
In the mix for the Giants punt returner job so far are the incumbent, R.W McQuarters, WR Michael Jennings, WR Sinorice Moss, WR & KR Dominik Hixon, and RB Ahmad Bradshaw.
McQuaters is experienced and offers good ball security, which is the number one priority.  Saved his best for last in our Championship Season, but is a little long in the tooth.
Jennings offers world class sprinter's speed.  He was on task to make the team last year when he got hurt.
Moss has great explosiveness.  Does he have great hands?
Hixon is a strider but sees lanes as evidenced in his kick returning ability. Again, hands?
Bradshaw is an interesting participant.  As long as he hangs onto the ball. 
Offensive co-ordinator Kevin Gilbride said he was very happy with the work the WRs did against press coverage in this camp.  He also said Eli Manning looked very sharp.

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Giant Grumblings/Young Man's Game posted on 06/13/2008
The Giants seeming unwillingness to enhance the existing deals of our controversial tight end and our mercurial number one receiver sheds light on the team's philosophy regarding positional importance.  Take care of the linemen.  Receivers and tight ends can come and go -- they are both wonderful players -- each offers unique talent for their position, but the position itself is the question. You know Coach Coughlin wants to run the ball.  Does extending and enriching an injury-prone tight end like Shockey make financial sense when Boss and Michaels can do the same job for half the pay?  What about Burress's knees and ankles and the general wear and tear of 9 seasons?  He played great in that cold weather championship game in Green Bay, you've got to give him that. Both Shockey and Burress have nice size -- a luxury for a QB's vision, especially when he's just starting to adjust to the speed of the NFL game...but Eli's adjusted now so unless Shockey and Burress learn to stay healthy, well, we've see the Jerry Reese method of operation regarding oft-injured veterans.

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Mike Strahan Goes Out On Top posted on 06/09/2008
DE Michael Strahan retires today. One of the best.  Played the run as well as the pass.  Future Hall of Famer despite the Brett Favre play.  Opportunity knocks for the youngsters on the Giant defense which just got a lot younger. Look forward, not back. Somewhere, Philadelphia Eagle J. Runyon is smiling. Washington Redskins Jansen and Samuels too. Dallas Cowboys House Adams, and Columbo are glad.  Giants fans may be sad... but rejoice -- we're the CHAMPS!  Like Marciano, Mike goes out on top. 

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Triple Crown Thoughts posted on 06/07/2008
Today's Belmont Stakes features a potential triple crown winner, Big Brown.  Our Big Blue World Champions face a crowded field of contenders, and, like Big Brown, Big Blue starts from the number one post position.  In horse racing, that means getting squeezed against the rail, fighting through the pack, establishing a lane, and breaking when the opportunity presents. So it is with the New York Giants.  Dallas and Philadelphia will squeeze them against the rail for the NFC EAST, certainly.  Look for Dallas to fade a little as the austere and powerful gaze of Bill Parcells transforms into a distant memory for the players, who are getting used to Wade Phillips' more laid back style -- something akin to the good cop/bad cop routine, a situation that resembles the substitute teacher taking

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